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Wishing the bees and wasps in your property would buzz off?

If you’ve got a wasps or bees nest in your home or business premises it can be dangerous for everyone living or working there, especially if anyone has an allergy to one of their painful stings. We have the experience and expertise to remove these nests safely.

Making sure your property stays safe from bees and wasps

Our bees and wasps nest removal service comes fully guaranteed so in the rare event that they do return we’ll come and rectify the problem. The experience we’ve gained over the years also allows us to give you advice on keeping them away as part of the service.

2014-06-26 04:47:34

Removing bees and wasps nests safely in Walsall.
Call 0800 51 58 56


Bees are identified due to their black and yellow body hairs, often in bands. Some species can have orange or red on their bodies, or can be entirely black. All bees feed on nectar and gather pollen.

Bee nests are treated carefully with insecticides for the safety of those residing in the invaded property.


There are many different types of wasps, identified by the length of up to 30mm, kidney shaped eyes, two pairs of wings, and waist appearance in the middle.

Wasp stings can be a problem for their victims and the nests can be treated with insecticidal powder, spray, and smoke.

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